Saturday, November 14, 2009

I got the cow!

On Tuesday I went to Wkyertown, New Jersey, to visit Paul at the Plaid Piper Farm and pick up ~300 lbs of beef. Doug and Diana were kind enough to come along as well with their pickup truck. Di took some pictures of the farm while Doug, Paul and I set about loading up the truck. Paul threw in a carton of eggs for good measure, and off we went.

We got back to my townhouse and were immediately faced with a problem: my 14 cu. Ft. freezer wasn’t big enough to fit everything! After some packaging engineering, however, we were able to get all but two boxes worth of beef packed in.

There’s a LOT of ground beef in there, probably upwards of 75lbs.

Di and Doug ended up taking home a box full of soup bones (thanks guys!) and I put the other box in the freezer on my fridge.

I had a T-bone steak for lunch and dinner, and it tasted great. The taste is actually difficult to describe; almost, well, grassy. It tasted much better than the beef I had ordered online, which had a strong fishy flavor.

Looking forward to another six months of beef!

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